Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 National Night Out in Gracywoods

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012
On Tuesday night, Neighborhoods throughout Austin join together to:
  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  • Generate support and participation in crime prevention efforts
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations
  • Send the message that your neighborhood is a safe place to live
In Gracywoods, we will have several block parties to encourage residents to meet each other.  Please find a block party new you.

Confirmed Block Parties  (Street / Host)
Heatherglen, Lochridge, Rainy Meadows, Prairie Knoll = *Hosted at: 1907 Rainy Meadows – by: Mary and Kelly Rudig,
Tallowfield, Golden Pheasant = *Hosted at: 11613 Tallowfield – by: Micah Erwin
Rosethorn, Snow Finch, Snow Goose = *Hosted at: 11918 Snow Goose, by: Pippa Lambert
Charolais, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey = *Hosted at: 11403 Charolais Cove  by: Deborah Samoson
Parkfield = *Hosted at - 11600 Parkfield Dr, by: Melissa Crandall
Morning Quail, Ruffed Grouse, Hidden Quail = *Hosted at: 11610 Bittern Hollow,  by: Linda Messier
Pheasant Roost, Prairie Hen Cir, Prairie Hen Ln, Woodwind = *Hosted at: 1701 Pheasant Roost, by: Bill Glass
Kimmerling, Rickem, Braewood, Meadowfire = *Hosted at: 1708 Kimmerling Lane, by:Trish Karli
Cherie, Elvas, Lincolnshire, Garnaas = *Hosted at:  12014 Lincolnshire Drive, by; Gregg Bennett
Knoll Park Dr, Knoll Park Cir, Sterling Hill = *Hosted at: 11600 Knollpark Dr, by: Mary Herrold
Carshalton, Hyacinth, Doonesbury Cove, Doonesbury  - *Hosted at:  11831 Carshalton, Elaine St. Marie
Eubank = *Hosted at: 11822 Eubank Dr, by: Michael and Libby Weed
Gemini, Apollo, Austin Park= *Hosted at: 1106 Gemini Dr, by:  Dale Sellers
Titan, Space Lane, Circle Bend = *Hosted at: 11503 Circle Bend, by: Janet Fulk
Eubank, Satellite, Orbit, N Bend = *Hosted at: 840 North Bend, by:  Terry Rice
Silbury Dr, Huntridge Dr, Rebecca Dr = *Hosted at: 1012 Huntridge, by:  Linda Botello
Neighbors on these streets – please join a block party nearby.  (We do not have a block party host for your street.):
  • Drayton, Drayton Cir
  • Wiggington, Monica
  • Fruitwood, Pearwood, Golden Pheasant
  • Lance, Gorham, Gracy Dr.
  • Barchetta, Swearingen, Kathy Lynn
  • Minda Dr, Minda Cir.
What to bring to your block party:
Please bring a chair per person, your own water or drinks, bring a snack, side dish, cookies or a dessert to share, if your host is willing to grill, bring hot dogs or items to throw on the grill, and bug spray. Check with your host before bringing pets on a leash.)


(There will not be a GWNA Meeting this month.)


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