Monday, September 30, 2013

More Parties on Tuesday

That's right . . . we are having more Block Parties in Gracywoods for National Night Out.

Here is the latest list of Block Parties:

Neighborhood Night Out Block parties throughout the hood - 7-8:30p

Address  / Hosts
12025 Cherie Drive / Donna Berrasn
11900 Cherie Drive / Judy and Robert Morgan
1106 Gemini Drive / Dale Sellers
1208 Gemini Drive / Randy Ortega
1706 Pheasant Roost / Cristy Able
11403 Charolais Cove / Deborah Samoson
1802 Rainy Meadows / Mary and Kelly Rudig
1708 Kimmerling Lane / Trish Karli
12014 Lincolnshire Drive / Gregg Bennett
11714 Barchetta / Susan Wampler / Tina Kubiceck
1425 Gorham / Kelly and Nicole Alberda
840 N. Bend Drive / John & Aileen

We also have a party for Chelsea Row HOA on Norwegian Woods and one for Quail Hollow at Parkfield @ Kramer (10807 Burnwood Drive).

See you there ! ! !


You are invited . . .

Tuesday, October 1st from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m

Please make plans to stop by one of the following addresses below for our annual Neighborhood Night Out "Block Parties". We will be easy to find, since we'll be hanging around the driveway and front yards.

It is easy to participate . . . just stop by and say Hi.  You will feel safer getting to know your neighbors and letting them know you live here too.

We need everyone to participate in our neighborhood crime watch, and the first step is to get to know who lives next door and on your street.  Come by on Tuesday night and meet your Crime Watch volunteers.  Get valuable information on how to prevent crime and keep your family and property safe.

An aware neighborhood is a safe neighborhood.  Vigilence is our first line of defense against crime.  AND IT WORKS ! ! !

Another important reason to attend our annual National Night Out block parties is that we become a friendlier neighborhood.  We meet people like us, and other interesting people with talents, skills and knowledge that we need and can enrich our lives.  We make new friends and form a stronger community.

The Gracywoods Neighborhood Association is proud to support this proven national formula of making communities safer and stronger.  Please take a few minutes and stop by to meet us and your neighbors.

Thanks for helping us keep the neighborhood safe!

Gracywoods 2013 Block Parties

Party Location                               Hosts

12025 Cherie Drive                Donna Berrasn
11900 Cherie Drive                Judy and Robert Morgan
1208 Gemini Drive                 Randy Ortega
1106 Gemini Drive                 Dale Sellers
1706 Pheasant Roost            Cristy Able
11403 Charolais Cove            Deborah Samoson
1802 Rainy Meadows             Mary and Kelly Rudig
1708 Kimmerling Lane           Trish Karli
12014 Lincolnshire Drive        Gregg Bennett

P.S.  Each host will be coordinating their own party activities and many are having Pot-Lucks receptions.Cookies, treats and snacks are always welcomed, but not required.  If you have a dietary condition or limitation please bring a your own beverages or snacks. Children are welcome to attend with adults.  Please do not bring your pets, as some residents have allergies. Thank you!

Please register on our new website to receive block specific information soon!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oct. 1, 2013 - National Night Out

Gracywoods Neighborhood Activities
Each year, GWNA helps residents come together at "Block Parties" throughout our neighborhood.  The goal is to help neighbors get to know each other and watch out for each other.  To do this, we encourage each street to host a block party.

What is a Block Party?
A simple gathering of neighbors in someone's drive way or front yard. 
GWNA will provide crime watch materials and help you contact your neighbors.  We will also give the host of the party $15 for party supplies.  All you have to do is sign up to be a Block Party host, by sending us an email to:

Where will my Block Party be?
We hope each street will have its own party, and we will publish a list of all the block parties a week before the event.

In the meantime, please find your street on this list, and let us know if you would like to host the block party.  Send us an email to register your block party to:

You can also read more about Austin's Neighborhood Night Out activities and register your block party with the City of Austin.  This makes your party eligible for goodies and even a visit for our area police representative and fire department.  (To have the fire trucks visit your party, you must register before Sept. 13, 2013.)

or download a NNO brochure at:

Gracywoods Neighborhood Streets

(We need a Block Party Host for each of these streets
not in BOLD)

Albury Cove
Charolais Dr.
Cherie Dr.
Circle Bend
Doonesbury Cove
Doonesbury Dr
Drayton Dr.
Elvas Way
Fruitwood Place
Garnaas Dr.
Gemini Dr.
Gold Wing
Golden Pheasant Dr.
Gorham St.
Gracy Dr.
Gracy Farms Lane
Heatherglen Lane
Hidden Qual Dr.
Holstein Dr.
Huntridge Dr.
Jersey Dr.
Kimmerling Lane
Knollpark Circle
Lance Way
Lincolnshire Dr.
Meadowfire Dr.
Mederas Dr.
Morning Quail Dr.
North Bend
Norwegian Woods
Orbit Rd
Pearwood Place
Pheasant Roost
Prairie Hen Cove
Prairie Hen Lane
Prairie Knoll Court
Ptarmigan Dr.
Quail Pass
Rainy Meadow Dr.
Rickem Cove
Rosethorn Dr.
Ruffed Grouse
Snow Finch Rd.
Snow Goose Rd.
Sterlinghill Dr.
Sunhillow Bend
Swearingen Dr.
W. Braker
Wiginton Dr.
Woodwind Lane

Please consider hosting a party.  It can be a pot-luck party with a theme, or just an informal gathering.  Contact us for more information and ideas at:

Why is National Night Out important?
National Night Out is designed to:
  1. Heighten crime prevention awareness
  2. Generate support for crime watch efforts
  3. Strengthen neighborhood spirit
  4. Improve police community relations
  5. Let criminals know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back

Neighborhood Registration

We want to connect you
with the neighbors on your street!
To do this we are updating our website
and our neighborhood list.
Please visit:

To register with us.

We will then be better able to send you
Crime Watch Alerts
and information specific to your street.

While you are at this link -
check out our new website. 
It is under construction and
will be in full swing soon.

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We are now on
Like Us.
Post pictures. Invite friends,
and chat with us.

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