Monday, May 31, 2010

GWNA Monthly Meeting - Tuesday, June 1st @ 7:00 p

Join us for the June meeting of the
Gracywoods Neighborhood Association
Tuesday, June 1st
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
Family Life Center - Bldg. A
11908 North Lamar, Austin, TX 78753
7:00 p.m.
We will vote on our new By-laws and Articles of Incorporation for Gracywoods Neighborhood Association.  We are modifying these two important documents to become a non-profit organization.
We will also have pictures of the preliminary site plan for the new North Central Community Clinic, to be built by
Central Health (formerly Travis County Health District).
We will also start our planning for the
Second Annual Gracywoods
4th of July Parade
(Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 3rd, 9a.m.)
Come meet your neighbors and share your concerns for our neighborhood.
Bring a neighbor.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GracyWatch Notice

Stay Alert.

Crime spikes in the summer months

We must stay vigilant.

We must call 911 for any suspicious activity


How do we stop crime in our neighborhood this summer?


1. Harden your house. Your sliding glass door should have either a lock or a pole at the bottom to prevent it from sliding when you are not home. If your sliding glass door is on backwards, install a pin in the top metal rail to prevent the doors from sliding.


2. Deadbolts screws:  Change the screws on your deadbolt plate. The plate on the doorframe, where your deadbolt catches, is your home's weak spot. Most homes in our neighborhood had plates that were installed with short screws. Remove the short screws and put in longer screws, at least 6 inches, these hold the plate to the stud around the door. If you do not replace these screws, it will take a thief about 10 seconds to smash in your door. The screws cost about a dollar - the cheapest insurance against break-ins you can get.


3. Don't be a target:  Don't make your house a target when you are gone for a while. Unplug the garage door opener, make sure neighbors are aware you are gone, and have a trusted person pick up mail and newspaper. Don't call to have services stopped - you have no idea who can see that list!


4. Be suspicious.  Criminals are lazy and they will go to a different neighborhood if we make it difficult to score in our neighborhood.  Criminals work in teams to observe who is not paying attention to their belongings.  When you see strangers in your area, stop them and ask questions – or call 911.  Get an incident number and send us a description of your situation and incident number to


5. Daytime vigil:  Be extra vigilant between 8 am and 12 noon. That is the main time that we have problems with crime in the summer months.


6. Do the five. Get to know your neighbor on either side of you and the three across the street from you.  These are your 'five'.  Get their phone numbers (work, home, cell numbers.) Watch their homes, pick up newspapers and flyers on the door. If they are going to be away a while, park your car in their drive. Turn your/their lights on at night or use stagged timers through out the house to turn on and off lights and radios when you are away.  (Tune radio to talk-news stations.)


United We Stand.

Join your neighborhood watch program.

Call your Austin Police Dept. district rep with extra information about past incidents.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Neighborhood Wide Garage - Saturday, May 22nd 8:00a - 3:00p

Come shop our neighborhood for special treasures.
11400 Titian Drive
11901 Swearingen Drive, #83
11800 Swearingen Drive: Women's clothes, TV's, kitchen appliances
1301 Monica Drive:  Jewelry, accessories, household items, construction materials
11085 Eubanks: Lot's of furniture, headboard, doors, books, clothing and chandeliers
1804 Rainy Meadows:  Mens clothes, household items, end table, bookcase
840 North Bend: Vintage dresser, children items, household items
1202 Knoll Park Circle: Dining room set, other furniture, household items
1108 Gemini Dr:  Golf clubs, Pelican boat, aquariums, doors, chairs, children clothes & toys
1604 Kimmerling Lane: clothes, jeans, leather vest, baby toys, strollers, furniture, facepainting for kids
Great deals from great neighbors.

Last Call for Garage Sale participants for Satuday May 22

The GWNA + NPENA wide Garage Sale will be held this Saturday, May 22nd starting at 8a.
If you are interested in participating and having your name included on this website and Craigslist, please follow these instructions.
Please Email - by noon on Friday, May21st,  only if you intend to participate.
1.) Change the subject line of your email to: 
YES= (add your street address), 
2.) in the body of the email,
please provide your name and phone number (Saturday morning) just in case I need to call you on Saturday morning. 
3.) and finally, please tell me what you are selling (books, furniture, baby clothes, etc), I will post this info next to your address.  (Last week we got a lot of requests for tools, sports equipment, jewelry, baby clothes and books.)
We will put out some Garage Sales signs - however, please put out as many signs as like.
Thanks you for participating.
Francoise Luca
Gracywoods Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tonight: You are invited to a community meeting for North Austin

Special Community-Wide Meeting for North Austin

May 19th - 7:00p
Austin Revival Center

305 Deen Street

(one block south of Lamar & Peyton Gin - Deen street only runs between Georgian and Lamar)



6:30p     Doors will be open for a 'meet and greet'

7-8:00p  Meeting

We know that a lot of people in North Austin continue to be frustrated with crime and the problems in our community, so we are holding a special community meeting on May 19th. We will be talking openly about North Austin's problems and what can be done to fix our main issues:

* I-35 corridor of crime

* Lack of urban planning when areas of North Austin were annexed

* big city issues of urban growth and crime

We will also talk about how these problems are adversely affecting Austin's future.

Please come if:

** You are worried about the crime and problems that plagues North Austin neighborhoods.

** You are worried about Austin's I-35 corridor of crime and how it might be affecting you.

** You live above or below North Austin, and you are worried these problems could spread into your neighborhoods.

** You care about the future of Austin and want to support North Austin in finding solutions.

** You want to send a strong message to the City and County that you support our community's efforts to insist things must change. We have invited many people from the City and County to come to this meeting and we've had quite a few folks who are promising to be there.

Our promise: There will be NO volunteer sign-up sheets, or donation cans at this meeting. The only thing we are asking is that you pass this info along, and invite your friends and neighbors to this meeting. We really need everybody who cares about North Austin to be there.

The Gracywoods Neighborhood Association is one of six neighborhoods that will be participating in this meeting.  We encourage you to come, meet some neighbors and share your concerns.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th Spring Fling - Pot Luck Dinner Postponed

Due to the uncertainity of the weather today, we are postponing the "Spring Fling - Pot Luck Dinner" this evening.
Please check back here next week for the new date.
Update:  Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale
Since some folks didn't open up for a garage sale today, so we will hold a neighborhood wide garage sale next Saturday from 8a-2p.
If you would like to be included in the advertising (address posted on the website), please email us at:
Include your name, address and the kinds of items you have for sale.
(example:  baby clothes, tools, electronics, furniture)
Francoise Luca
President, Gracywoods Neighborhood Association

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Weather Permitting
Saturday, May 15th
(Rain Date – May 22nd)
Gracywoods + North Park Estates Neighborhood Association
Annual Garage Sales
1607 Garnaas Dr.
12023 Lincolnshire Dr.
1604 Kimmberling
1804 Rainy Meadows
1811 Rainy Meadows
11610 Bittern Hollow
1601 Kathy Lynn Ct.
1105 Huntridge Circle
11610 Parkfield
1301 Monica Street
1201 Doonesbury Dr.
11805 Eubanks Dr.
11400 Titan Dr.
1006 Huntridge
11703 Lochridge
840 North Bend Drive
11800 Swearingen Dr.
1113 Gemini Dr.
1108 Gemini Dr.

Donate to:
The St. Vincent dePaul Thrift Store
Saturday, May 15th
1:00 to 4:00pm
A donation truck will be parked in the St. Albert the Great Catholic Church parking lot on Bittern Hollow/Metric, accepting donations of usable clothing, household items and furniture.
Tax receipts will be given.
* * Please check this site on Saturday afternoon for weather updates on this event.* *
Spring Fling
Potluck & Dance in the Park
Saturday - May 15th
6:00pm – 8:30pm
Greenbelt at Bittern Hollow
Come join your neighbors for
a first-of-its kind event!
Bring a covered dish, sandwiches, snacks or a dessert to serve about 6-8 persons.
GWNA will provide the drinks and paper items.
Please invite one neighbor to join us!
We are rolling out the dance floor (literally) to celebrate our community. Don't worry if you can't dance - instructors will teach us the moves. No worries, if you don't like to dance - just enjoy the fun, good food and our park.
Everyone is welcome!
Dance floor by: American Party Rentals
Dance instruction by: David Cantu
Info Contact: Kate Stewart at

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Meeting

GWNA May Meeting

Tuesday, May 4th
7:00 PM

Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ, Bldg. A (in the church)
11908 North Lamar, Austin, TX 78753

Please join us and bring a neighbor, so we can build a stronger and safer community.

♥ Bring a neighbor and get a prize ♥

Join us!

Email questions to: