Monday, May 2, 2011

May Meeting & Early Voting

Tuesday, May 3rd - Gracywoods Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting


Join us

Tuesday, May 3rd at 7:00 p.m. at
Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ
11908 North Lamar Boulevard
(just north of Ross' Cafe)
Free parking, interesting topics and good neighbors.




Spring Fling- Dance in the Park May 7th

May 14th Elections

4th of July Parade

Crime Watch



Austin will hold local city elections on Saturday, May 14th ;

Early voting is between May 2nd- May 10th  -At the Asian Shopping Center on North Lamar

This year's election will be for Place 1, 3 and 4. Candidates are:

Place 1: Chris Riley; Josiah Ingalls, Roger Chan, Norman Jacobson
Place 3: Randi Shade; Katie Tovo, Max Nofziger, Kris Bailey,
Place 4: Laura Morrison, Eric Rangel, Toby Ryan

Vote today!

Need a ride to early voting?  Email us at:


For more information contact the Travis County Elections Division at (512) 238-VOTE (238-8683).


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I VOTE tee shirts & yard signs

Remember those red tee shirts GWNA made for the protest rally? They're back!

We will have a few red tee-shirts available for $10 each.  We will also take orders if we don't have your size. (Cash or Check), to order email

and now . . .

Red & White "I Vote" yard signs

A limited number of yard signs are now available. Please pick one up at the neighborhood meeting. (A suggested donation of $3 per sign would be appreciated from non-GWNA members.)

To place orders please contact us at:

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 Why Should I Vote in Local Elections?


The decisions of city, county, school board, and community college officials, local officials, affect your daily life probably more than state and federal officials. They are the people who

·         decide tax rates

·         decide to build infrastructure like roads, sewage systems, and electrical lines

·         determine new building codes

·         decide zoning issues

·         fund police and fire departments

·         develop and maintain parkland

·         fund economic programs for small businesses and industries that create jobs and revenue

·         determine environmental policy  (water, air, land)

·         determine how to get rid of your trash

·         help protect your neighborhood from crime and vandalism

·         provide health and human services

·         provide clean drinking water, water to clean, and water to grow your plants

·         provide rules and enforcement to make sure you remain healthy in public environments

·         decide the quality of education and workforce training


Who Are These Locally Elected Officials

and What Do They Do?


Travis County Commissioners Court (County Judge, 4 Precinct Commissioners)

Chief policy-making and administrative branch of county government:  sets tax rate, determines fees for many county services, determines how collected revenues are distributed to provide county services

Travis County District Judges (17)

Preside over criminal (felony level) and civil cases

Travis County Courts at Law Judges (8)

Preside over criminal (misdemeanor level) and civil cases

Travis County Justices of the Peace (5)

Preside over criminal (Class C misdemeanor level) and civil cases (where amount in dispute is less than $200)

Travis County Probate Judge (1)

Presides over probate cases

Travis County Sheriff

Law enforcement within the county

Travis County Constables (5)

Serve arrest warrants, enforce all state and local laws (may arrest those in violation of those laws)

Travis County District Attorney

Prosecutes felony criminal cases

Travis County Attorney

Prosecutes misdemeanor criminal cases

Travis County Clerk

Tracks and maintains criminal misdemeanor, civil and probate records

Organizes and holds city, county, AISD, ACC, federal, state elections

Issues and maintains marriage licenses

Maintains and posts County Commissioners' Court meeting minutes



Travis County Tax Asessor-Collector

Assess, collect and disburse property taxes

Register and title motor vehicles

Register eligible citizens to vote

Travis County Treasurer

Provides for the safekeeping of all county funds, chief custodian of county finances

Receives, accounts for, and disburses all money belonging to the county

Paying agent/registrar for county registered bonds

Processes cash bail bond checks and juror payments



City Council

Mayor (at large)

Council Members (6 places, all at large)

Determines property tax rate to support city services and city budget

Decides city ordinances (taxes, zoning, solid waste management, code compliance, etc.)

Oversees Austin Police and Fire Departments

Hires City Manager



Austin Indendent School District

Board of Trustees (6 district members, 1 at large member)

Determines property tax rate to support public schools

Hires superintendent and sets strategic goals for school district


Austin Community College

Board of Trustees (9 district members)

Determines property tax rate to support ACC

Hires president and sets strategic goals for community college district


Prepared by North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods, April 2011. 

Contact:   Ann Teich, Vice President of North Austin Civic Association,



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